Propagating Plants and Celebrating our Unique Qualities

In my last post about working with a group of Afghan women, following a discussion about the qualities that make us uniquely us, I invited the group to propagate three plants – Sansevieria, spider plant, and begonia – in a small pot.

Apr2015 1602Then I gave them three brightly colored craft sticks, all different colors, and asked them to think of three words that describe themselves and describe the uniqueness of “me.” I encouraged them to write the words in their primary language on one side of the stick, and then we would translate them to English and write the words on the other side of the sticks. We worked together to do this portion of the project, and each participant proudly shared the three words that make them uniquely them. They inserted their sticks into the pot, assigning each plant the unique quality written on the stick.

Apr2015 1608

What are three words that describe the uniqueness of YOU?

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